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1 郭楠 The research of parallel to the grain compression performance test of laminated glued bamboo-wood composites technical gazetee 2016.1 SCI
2 郭楠 The Finite Element Analysis on Short-time Flexural Behavior of Glue-lumber String Beam International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering 2016.1 SCI
3 李秋实 Evaluation of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) material into slag-based asphalt concrete to be used in railway substructure CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2016.7 SCI
4 刘洁 Measuring and mapping the flood vulnerability based on land-use patterns: a case study of Beijing, China Natural Hazards  2016.7 SCI
5 武百超 Modeling cascading failures in interdependent infrastructures under terrorist attacks Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2016.3 SCI
6 郝向炜 Use of Byproduct from Cellulosic Ethanol Production as an Additive for Concrete: A Possible Win-win Strategy? Bioresources 2015.11 SCI
7 孙祥龙 Psychological factors influencing the public acceptability of congestion pricing in China 2016.08 SSCI
8 张海涛 Comparative study on mechanical performance of asphalt cement mortar and emulsified asphalt cement mortar Road Materials and Pavement Design 2016.07 SCI
9 张海涛 Study on the mechanical performance and application of the composite cement asphalt mixture International Journal of Pavement Engineering 2016.11 SCI
10 张海涛 Prediction of subgrade elastic moduli in different seasons based on BP neural network technology